ANYONE WHO says Hugh Hefner is only good at getting intimate with women a fifth of his age might need a rethink. News from the BBC reports the wrinkly Playboy supremo has coughed up $900,000 (£580,000) to save the famous Hollywood sign from demolition. Continue Reading »


CHECK OUT this gross misrepresentation of the facts from a Sky News infographic. The Daily Mail and The Sun both played similarly loose with the facts their own polls threw up. But surely, it’s all #nickcleggsfault.

Hat-tip to refpls on the spot.

JUST A quick one to remind women to stop creating wars; drinking with Satan; grounding flights; and generally doing lots of evil. Stop it.

BBC reports that cleric mouth farts.

WHENEVER YOU decide to dye your hair half-blue, buy some tight corduroy three-quarter length slacks and a t-shirt with purpose-poked holes in it and head down Shoreditch way to show those fuckers how cool you are, be sure to walk down Curtain Road to check out what the kids at Mutate Britain are doing. Continue Reading »

A (Dutch)man's home is his castle... though it doesn't guarantee a league title

THERE’S THAT old phrase, ‘a man’s home is his castle’. (Not mine, mind; I live in a Victorian maisonette in West London.) Well, Ajax Amsterdam FC has taken that old wisdom and given it a modern sprucing by changing ‘castle’ to ‘fortress’. But despite an incredible league record of 16 wins out of 17 home games, 64 scored and only four against, the club isn’t topping the Dutch league. Continue Reading »

THE VOLCANIC eruption over in Iceland – in the brilliantly named Eyjafjallajokull glacier region – is a local’s nightmare; a radio presenter based an hour’s drive away from the epicentre told Colin Murray today it was closest thing to the end of the world you could see, with the early morning sky pitch black with volcanic soot and all animal life seemingly disappearing from the face of the Earth.

But from a British journalistic perspective, the story is a godsend. Which is good, what with me being a British journalist and all. Continue Reading »

THIS ARTICLE has a whiff of self-flagellation about it. It’s a public dressing down of myself, in front of you, the reader (all three of you) to purge myself of the incredible lack of activity on this blog in the past few months.

Blogging, as nearly anyone can tell you, is something that all aspiring journalists should be doing. Regularly. If Roger Ebert, the timeless Chicago Sun-Times film critic can tweet at 69, it shouldn’t be a task for me to stick up a post of note a few times a week. I mean, jesus, my mum is now on Facebook. There’s no excuse, besides the fact I really like drinking and watching crap TV when I’m not working, and that doesn’t leave much time for sober/intelligent/measured writing. Continue Reading »