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WHENEVER YOU decide to dye your hair half-blue, buy some tight corduroy three-quarter length slacks and a t-shirt with purpose-poked holes in it and head down Shoreditch way to show those fuckers how cool you are, be sure to walk down Curtain Road to check out what the kids at Mutate Britain are doing. (more…)


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A (Dutch)man's home is his castle... though it doesn't guarantee a league title

THERE’S THAT old phrase, ‘a man’s home is his castle’. (Not mine, mind; I live in a Victorian maisonette in West London.) Well, Ajax Amsterdam FC has taken that old wisdom and given it a modern sprucing by changing ‘castle’ to ‘fortress’. But despite an incredible league record of 16 wins out of 17 home games, 64 scored and only four against, the club isn’t topping the Dutch league. (more…)

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ukee1IN THESE Random Things You Might Like posts I’m just going to dump things I’ve come across in webby land.

This you may have seen before, it’s a couple of years old and is a Youtube phenomena, but I like it enough to want it available on my site at all time. Enjoy the wonders of the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain peforming Isaac Hayes’ classic Shaft at the 2007 Cambridge Folk Festival…

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