THIS IS an actual piece of real journalism that I did. Quite incredible. I met with, asked questions to AND even got answers from a proper, like, well-famous comedian. I know, I’m reeling too.

A link to the published version of this article can be found here.

A few weeks ago a Guardian article by Brian Logan caused what could be considered to be ‘quite a fuss’ in the comedy world.

His article, ‘The new offenders of comedy’ accused Scott Capurro, along with Australian Brendan Burns, Richard Herring and Jim Jefferies specifically of creating the new offensive comedy movement by using provocative material in their shows.

The resounding uproar saw Logan chastised for what some consider a slanderous misrepresentation of the truth for pure journalistic benefit, but, while Herring et al rushed to protect their reputations the one man who was most viciously attacked for his outrageous style has stayed quiet. Until now… Continue Reading »



I’M NOT working or interning at the moment. I start a project in a few weeks and then, fingers, toes and laces crossed, should start at business-to-business television magazine. But at the moment, I’m broke and bored. I get by blagging freebies here and there, blogging and posting on Twitter and drinking in Sam Smith pubs – I’ve been to an impressive seven in the past two weeks – but essentially I’m always looking for something to so I’ve taken to entertaining myself any way I can.

This week I’ve been in supermarkets more than I’d more normally choose to. Supermarkets are rubbish places in the grand scheme of things. So how do you make a daily or weekly shop bareable? I’ll tell you. Watch. Don’t shop. Watch people. They are brilliant. Humans do weird things in supermarkets. Weird humans go to supermarkets. Weird supermarkets make normal humans weird. Enjoy them.

In my local Tesco – the Portobello Road branch (the one that Dave Cameron got his bike nicked from for a bit of context) –  I have witnessed the following in the past few days…

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ukee1IN THESE Random Things You Might Like posts I’m just going to dump things I’ve come across in webby land.

This you may have seen before, it’s a couple of years old and is a Youtube phenomena, but I like it enough to want it available on my site at all time. Enjoy the wonders of the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain peforming Isaac Hayes’ classic Shaft at the 2007 Cambridge Folk Festival…


Quick link to the Such Small Portions’ Greenwich Comedy Festival reviews. Stand-up stars such as Russell Howard, Hans Teeuwen, Mark Watson and Lucy Porter played the event which was held in a giant marquis by the Old Royal Navy College.

Here’s what the college looks like when the marquis, comedians and beer tent aren’t there:


SSP is relaunching – possibly as soon as next month so check back here for further info.


OKAY, OKAY. So I have better things to be doing with my life. And shouldn’t probably waste your time with this – there is no reason for it.

But, seriously, Arctic Monkeyman Alex Turner and Rasmus Hardiker (him off Lead Balloon and Saxondale) look the same.

Below: What Turner looks like with Rasmus’s hat on.



I FOUND this brilliant interactive feature today on Wall Street Journal website, plotting the collapse (and happily the semi-recovery) of the major US newspapers. Perversely, it also highlights the potential of online news – which is half the reason why newspapers are bottoming out. Follow the link here to try it out for yourself.

This is a post that should have been on the MirrorFootball website last week. For reasons unknown to me, it hasn’t been uploaded so I’m popping it up here so I don’t feel like the work’s gone to waste. But keep checking back on their site and hopefully there’ll be new material there soon.

YESTERDAY morning, at about 3am, Hammersmith and Fulham fire brigade were called to Loftus Road. The club shop had been robbed and set alight. And without a new striker to spearhead the boys on the pitch, Rangers season could quickly end up in flames as well.

We’re four games into the new campaign and already we’ve heard the first boos emanating from the Loft. The lucky 1-1 draw with Nottingham Forest means we’ve dropped four points at home in two games and haven’t yet recorded a league victory. It’s a bad, though not entirely unexpected start.

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