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TWITTER divides opinion, but some scholars view it as a tool that could benefit their work. Jesse Whittock reports

Twitter, the social networking service that allows users to send short messages to “followers”, is seen by many within academia as an example of dumbing down in society.

However, signs of a cautious but growing take-up of the service have emerged in higher education. For example, the Research Information Network (RIN) joined Twitter last month and has been encouraged by the promotional and networking possibilities it offers.

Sarah Gentleman, an RIN spokeswoman, said the organisation was “open to researchers using technologies that are useful”.

Although she added that it was “very unlikely” Twitter would ever become a platform for serious academic discussion, it was well suited to use as a “bookmarking” service.

But some academics in the UK are beginning to see Twitter as a tool that could benefit, and maybe even improve, their work.


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